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Flavorella’s opened its first store in Milwaukee , Wisconsin , on May 20, 2013. The store received overwhelming community support and fans from near and far wanted more of Flavorella’s in their neighborhoods!


We focus on real flavors,real ingredients and real relationships with every one of our guests.
Flavorella’s is name created by the founder Willy which was inspired from word of Flavor and Ella (german heritage, it means “all.” )His dream was to create a yogurt store and cafe where people from all walks of life and ages can enjoy themselves not only from great tasting, quality frozen yogurt, but from a unique experience in a fun and happy environment that makes every guest smile. At Flavorella’s we take flavor seriously. Our yogurt base contains no fake flavors,no colors or corn syrups.We bring pure deliciousness to your cup for flavors that taste like the real thing. Along with a great customer service providing outstanding selections of frozen yogurt and fresh toppings, and attention to the needs of every guest, young and old.

Flavorella’s stands on 3 principals

* Customer Service

* Product

* Healthy Life

You know Flavorella’s yogurt taste good,but did you know it was good for your healthy living? Vitamin D and probiotics in our frozen yogurt ,and fruit flavors fortified with Vitamin C. In addition our low fat and non fat products make a perfect combination with fresh fruits.That’s real quality.

Get your Flavors on ! Taste the quality today at Flavorella’s